Yard Wars to give 50% of all sales to mental health charity

Yard Wars to give 50% of all sales to mental health charity
02/01/2018 sarahburgan

Local Heroes and one of our headline bands Yard Wars are kindly donating half of all their future sales to local mental health charity The Fia Not Campaign.

Local band Yard Wars are kindly donating half of all future sales to The Fia Not Campaign; a mental health charity set up in honour of our dear fried Fia Theobald. Read More Here. Fia was a big supporter of Yard Wars, often quoting them as her favourite band in interviews and playing them at the trade shows she did for Fulwood London.

Wakefield’s Yard Wars are 5 guys you might recognise from other bands (Imp, St Gregory Orange, Piskie Sits, The Ainsley Band). United by a love of power pop filtered through psychedelic excursions.
Their 2014 album ‘Death to Western HiFi’ was released through Philophobia music. They followed it up with a split EP featuring their buddies Cactus Knife, and a single, ‘I Tried’ in 2016.
The band met, and quickly became friends with Fia after she began showing up at gigs and generously championing our music; pushing to get it featured in modelling videos. In the context of an often-shunned underground music community, her support and friendship meant a lot. That support wasn’t confined only to musical ventures. Fia would always have the time to sit down and talk through personal problems with others, even though she obviously had her own.
After Fia’s tragic passing, and with several members having suffered from varying degrees of psychological difficulties over the years, we feel it’s incredibly important to raise awareness of the psychological distress faced by young people. We want to take a pin to the ridiculous balloon of stigma that surrounds such difficulties. As such Yard Wars are very much pleased to be able to support Viva La Fia, and the Fia Not campaign.


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