A Poem For Fia By Mayla Amore

A Poem For Fia By Mayla Amore
05/12/2018 sarahburgan

I wrote this poem because of Fia, a day or two after she died.

I was upset because I have also attempted suicide and no one cared and it reinforced to me that you won’t be taken seriously unless you go through with it. I hope this doesn’t upset you, but I wanted to share it as I poured a lot of pain into it.


If my place in this life was vacant,


I lost my war to tragedy.

Would you say how much you loved me?

In a heartfelt eulogy?

Would you tell them I was loving?

Would you say you’ll miss my smile?

Would you listen to my favourite song?

And think of me a while?


Would you wish that there was something,

Something small you could’ve done,

To turn the tide in my battle,

To one I might’ve won?


The dead don’t hear your eulogy,

Nor the cries of your lament.

They forfeited their life and loves,

To be free of their torment.

The praise and adoration for one

Who’s life, they abdicated,

Reinforces to the tortured mind,

How their attempts are validated.


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For only when you give in to the despair,

Does anyone truly realise the cost,

That no one cares how hard it is,

Until your life is lost.


No warm sentiment nor encouraging word,

For those who still battle inside their head,

They’ll finally understand just how hard it was…

…but only once you’re dead.


By M.A


The Fia Not campaign is a not for profit organisation that will provide support to those who aren’t getting the help they need through the current mental health service, by giving both practical and emotional support. They aim to provide support without judgement, signpost individuals to services that are available and act as advocate to said services.
For more information on Fia Not click here

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  1. Mayla Amore 2 years ago

    Thank you for sharing my poetry, much pain went into the writing of it.

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