Mental Health Talk: Louie’s Story

Mental Health Talk: Louie’s Story
06/23/2018 sarahburgan

1 in 4 people in the UK experience some form of mental health problem in their life time.

Here we speak to friends and the community who have been brave enough to share their experiences with their own mental health. Thank you for helping our cause and helping us break the stigma around poor mental health’

Hello, My name is Louie James I was born and currently still live in Wakefield.

I am currently undiagnosed but I strongly feel like diagnosis is necessary.


I’ve had problems with my mental health now for a couple of years. I often find my triggers to depressive states and panic attacks are more of an internal thing. I get overwhelmed pretty easily and tend to drop everything I’m doing rather than organise it because it throws me off and I panic. It can be anything though; sometimes I’ll be out with friends and supposed to be having a good time and it’ll come from nowhere often resulting in me feeling like I need to be away from people because I don’t want to spoil everybody else’s time

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My triggers for panic attacks are being put on the spot in social situations.

For example whilst I was working my last job I was forced to do a tannoy announcement when it wasn’t necessary. I had to call myself to the till while standing at the till. I had explained to my employers I feel that might bring on a panic attack but I had to do it regardless resulting in my throat closing up whilst with a customer and having to run into the back until I could bring myself back around.

I always counteract my negative bouts with productivity as hard as it is I make myself as busy as possible often filling up my week to the point I Have an hour each day “free time”. I’m often asked why I’m on the move and seem to be busy 24/7 and this is the reason although in social settings it’s very hard to admit for me.


I haven’t had much experience with mental health professionals because I’ve always felt anxious about it.

I’ve always felt I’ve had friends that have been through a lot worse than me so I had no need to complain. It wasn’t until I got older did I start to realise how this was impacting me but still feel an awkwardness around seeking mental advice as I’ve heard horror stories from friends suffering with mental health issues and who are suicidal being told they’re lazy and need to just write a mood diary. I feel as though I’d be a little humiliated and shunned.

Thank you for listening and please in any way you can support the Fia Not Campaign.

Lots of love, Louie x


The Fia Not campaign is a not for profit organisation that will provide support to those who aren’t getting the help they need through the current mental health service, by giving both practical and emotional support. They aim to provide support without judgement, signpost individuals to services that are available and act as advocate to said services.
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